Meløy, north of the Arctic Circle, south of Bodø. On clear summer days, the Lofoten-wall of mountains can be seen on the other side of the Vestfjord. My parents are from Meløy and I grew up traveling north every summer. It has given me a strong sense of belonging to the place and my family up north.
Svalbard, next to the North Pole, on the edge of the world. The first time I went to Svalbard was in connection with work. The raw nature left me with a strong sense of life and death. I was struck by the intense landscape in the cold. When I returned for the second time, it dawned on me that it was my first trip alone since my children were born. It has since been an important place for me.
In November 2017, my husband Jan Erik died of cancer. Who am I alone? I have used landscapes to process the loss of my husband, examine my roots, and to reflect on the thin line between life and death.
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